The trending Hot Chocolate Bombs! Your choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate and half white chocoalte and milk chocolate hot chocolate bomb! ----STORE PICK UP AND SHIPPING AVAILABLE ---A few notes: 1.) The hot chocolate bombs will last for 1-2 months, as long as they are kept under 70 degrees. They should not be placed in the heat.  2.) One hot chocolate bomb can make 1-4 cups. This is depending on your preference. If you use one bomb for one cup of milk or water there will be melted chocolate in the bottom of your cup. Using 4 cups of milk or water will make the hot chocolate bomb go further. Many people buy 1 bomb per 1 person.  3.) The hot chocoalte bombs will not sell out again and will be available until at least Feburary. 4.) An instruction card comes with each hot chocolate bomb on how to use.  5.) If you pick up in store you will recieve a Pick Up Ready email for when the order is ready to pick up.

Hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Thank you so much for your interest in our store and sale! Due to the high demand in our store this year all orders processed over Thanksgiving weekend will be fulfilled the week after Thanksgiving. Fullfilment may be delayed due to high demand. 


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