Build your Crazysundae in the comfort of your own home! Just like our Crazyshake Kit we are now offering a kit for the crazysundaes! Choose two of the following sundaes for your perfect kit: Banana Splitty, Sweet Tooth, Brookie, Dirt Sundae and the Cinnaman! Everything you need to make your crazy shake is included in the kit! Orders can be shipped or picked up in store!


Shipped Orders: Shipped orders will not include ice cream, milk or whipped cream. Since these are perishable food items it is very difficult to ship these items correctly. All shipped orders are shipped 2 day mail after fulfillment. Please read our Ordering & Shipping Info Section for more details.


Pick Up Orders: Pick Up orders will include ice cream, milk and whipped cream. Pick up orders are $49.99 instead of $39.99 to include ice cream, milk and whipped cream. You will receive a 'Ready to Pick Up Email' when your order is completed and ready to be picked up in store. Orders are made to order and can not be picked up immediately. We recommend you order ahead. Please read the Ordering & Shipping Info Section for more details.


The crazysundae kit lasts up to 1 week after delivery. The ice cream needs to be frozen and the milk and whipped cream refrigerated. These are only available online and made to order.


Due to any supply chain issues we reserve the right to tweak, add, substitute or omit any items from this product. 



Crazysundae Kit

Crazysundae Option
Crazysundae Option 2
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  • We recommend that you place your order at least 7 days before you wish to receive it. If you are ordering near a holiday we recommend you order at least 10 days before the holiday to ensure we can fulfill your order and have it shipped to you before the holiday. 


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    Creations by MABELS and MABELS is not responsible for delays in transit caused by high package volume, weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disasters, terrorism safety control, local carrier mis-scans or inaccurate/incomplete shipping information, and we do not require a signature for the release of any shipment. Leaving a package at an address is ultimately up to the complete discretion of the individual delivery person and is therefore entirely outside our control.

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