COVID-19 Updates: Updated April 8th at 7:55 pm

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

COVID-19 Running Updates. Updated April 8th.


We have sanitized our entire building. We use a cleaning agent called DC-33. You can find more info here: We are continuing to follow all USDA, FDA and Powhatan County Health Codes; which means we always wear gloves when preparing your food. We will be wearing gloves (Nitrile Gloves. No Latex) and face masks every time we come to your car. We ask that if you come to our door or come near us that you please practice social distancing and stand 6ft apart.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Saturday 11:00am - 8:00pm. Delivery cut off is 7:45pm. We take curbside orders all the way until 8:00pm. We are closed on Sundays.

Free Delivery and Curbside:

Free Delivery to anyone in the county of Powhatan and anyone within a 30 minute radius of MABELS. There is a $25 minimum order. Please call us at 804-598-5344 to place your delivery order.

Curbside: Please call us at 804-598-5344. Please include the make and model of your car in the notes section of the order.

PSA: in an effort to mitigate exposure during this pandemic, effective immediately we are no longer allowing walk-in guests. We have had quite a few people bringing kids and families inside today for scooped ice cream and while we REALLY appreciate the business we cannot put our team or facility at risk and ask that everyone call 598-5344 when you arrive so we can bring your food or shakes out to you!

Instructions for Curbside Pickup:

Please text us at 804-372-5164 when you have arrived at MABELS to indicate you are here: please include your order name and make and model of your car!

Curbside Crazyshakes:

CURBSIDE CRAZYSHAKES! Here are the 4 steps to order! Please know this is a TEMPORARY option while we work through this pandemic!

4 steps: 1.) Please call 804-598-5344 to place your order or place online at

2.) Once at MABELS please TEXT 804-372-5164- with your name saying you are here! 3.) Someone from our team will bring your shake out to your car within 15 minutes. 4.) ENJOY! A few notes: There are no substitutions or changes on any of the crazyshakes. Curbside time can vary based on the quantity of orders we receive. We recommend that all individuals are present for their Shake since shakes are large and difficult for transport. There is a max order of 6 shakes per order.

Ice cream:

We are only doing regular milkshakes and curbside crazyshakes. We are not doing scooped ice cream.


We are doing a special gift card sale. You can purchase gift cards online at and for every $50.00 you spend you get a $10.00 bonus card! Order today! We can ship anywhere in the USA.


We do prefer all payments to be done either over the phone or online. We are not accepting cash payments. Tipping suggestions:

Delivery: Please tip either on the phone or in cash at the door.

Curbside: Please tip either on the phone or in cash.

Online: If you are placing an order online you will have to tip in cash. We currently are not able to offer tipping online.

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