Q) I want to book The Crazyshake Truck. What is the process?

A) We are so excited you want to book The Crazyshake Truck! First, you will need to fill out the booking form. There is a ten-person minimum for The Crazyshake Truck. We will then give you a call within 2-3 business days to finalize your booking and receive the 50% deposit. After receiving your deposit, we will send you a follow-up confirmation email with information regarding your event. We will charge the remaining balance on the day of your event. 


Q) How much is the deposit?

A) The deposit for booking The Crazyshake Truck is 50% of your total. We base all prices on how many shakes we will make at your event. 50% of your total is due when you book. Your deposit is non-refundable ten days before your event. 

Q) How will the crazyshakes be served? 

A) Crazyshakes are served in a to-go, 16 oz plastic cup.  All portions for the crazyshakes are the same as in-store sizes. 


Q) How long is The Crazyshake Truck going to be at my event? 

A) The Crazyshake Truck will show up to your event at your booked time and prepare crazyshakes for your event. The exact duration will depend on the size of your private event. 


Q) I want to get a custom shake for my party. How do I do that? 

A) After we confirm your booking, you will receive a form to help us design your custom shake. The form is due to us within 24 hours of your booking confirmation. We will then create a custom shake for your event. You will receive a preview of your custom shake within seven days of completing the custom form.  


Q) I don't know how many people will be attending my event. How do I go about booking The Crazyshake Truck? 

A) We recommend that you book the truck on the max amount of attendees you expect at your event. We will collect the non-refundable 50% deposit off that figure. If the number of expected attendees does not show, we will only charge you for any shakes not covered by the deposit. 


Q) How is your pricing calculated? 

A) We calculate the price of your event based on the number of people attending your event. There is a ten-person minimum to book The Crazyshake Truck. 


Q) What type of events do you cater too? 

A) The Crazyshake Truck is perfect for many different events! We are perfect for birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries, holiday events, private parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, and anything in between. The Crazyshake Truck can be tailored for your event! 


1800 A South Creek One
Powhatan, VA 23139 


804 - 598- 5344





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