Thank you so much for thinking of us! We are committed to supporting our community in as many ways as we can. Our community is the cornerstone of our business model. When submitting for a donation we have a few guidelines and policies we ask those requesting a donation to follow. 

MABELS donates to three separate causes. If your organization does not fall into one of these causes you are still encouraged to fill out a donation request however, please note that we will not review your donation request until all others have been reviewed. Donations are given in three forms: gift cards to MABELS, good and services. Cash donations are highly selective. 

We support: 

Community Events: 

             - The event must be opened to the entire community. The event can not discriminate against religion, sex, origin, race or ethnicity. Community events must be for all age ranges and be directly supporting the community. 

School Events: 

             - School events must be directly supporting the students. This includes: sports, school clubs, and fundraisers. The school event must be open to all students and the community. 


Non-Profits and Clubs: 

           - Non-profits and clubs are encouraged to apply for a donation. Events must be open to the community and be in support of a cause. The organization can not discriminate against religion, sex, origin, race or ethnicity. 


1.) All individuals requesting a donation MUST complete a donation request form. If you do not complete a donation request you will not be considered for a donation. Forms are approved or denied at the discretion of our management team. If your request has been approved we will call you from 804-598-5344 to discuss your request form and how the donation will be executed. 


2.) You must be 18 years old to complete a donation request. 


3.) All donation request must have a TAX ID Number attached to them. If any missing elements from the form are not completed we will not review your request. 


4.) Donation requests are first come first serve. Once, we hit our donation limit we will not accept more until the next quarter. We recommend completing your request sooner rather than later. 

5.) We do not review or donate to for-profit organizations unless they are holding a community event that is open to all ages. 

Next Steps: 

1.) Please download the MABELS Donation Request form here: DOWNLOAD HERE

2.) Fill out the donation request form with correct information 

3.) Upload request form and submit

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